Please Note

APPLICATION FORM MUST reach me 30 DAYS before arrival!

If you fly with SAA, upon arrival you need to sign for your rifles at security before clearing customs.

Required Documents

Documentation that is needed
  • COPY OF INVITATION LETTER (Letter from Safari Company)
  • COPY OF RETURN TICKET (Itinerary/Flight ticket)
  • PROOF OF OWNERSHIP FOR FIREARM – License (Only Americans needs a US Custom 4457 form / US Customs Form 4457) – Certified – Please check for the us custom stamp at the custom offices, as well as new dates – Date needs to be the same year that the hunt will take place. For Europeans and other countries a Firearm License copy is required.
  • US Custom 4457 form – Click here to download PDF
  • COPY OF LETTER OF PERMISSION (In which you give me permission to handle your Permit)
Please make sure that all your documentations is directed to Adelè of Hunters Permits Africa as to keep it’s privacy secure.


  • PAGE 2 – D; E; 1-25.4 (D – 1 UP TO 25.4)
  • PAGE 4 – G; 1-9.2 (G – 1 UP TO 9.2) Year – Month – Day
  • PAGE 5 – I; 1-2
  • PAGE 6 – I; 4-4.4 – J; 1-4 (Signature must be on both I; 4.3 – J; 3 – PLACE : Indicates your Location when filling out the form. Example: Dallas, Texas or London, UK )

Special clearance:

Bringing in two of the same Calaber Rifles, Semi-Auto Shotgun or Hunting Handguns is permitted, but the application therefore needs to be handed in at least 30 days prior to your arrival.

You can still travel with it in checked in luggage.

Time Frame:

Application form must be submitted 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE. If not submitted on time only Permits issued to Hunt in South Africa can be applied for and no export Permit to other African Countries. You can scan & email only relevant pages of the SAPS 250 application form.

Police New Rules:

Please note that I need documents for Export Permits before 21 working days to hand it in at the Police in Pta (Monday to Friday) (office check 30 working days) before arrival date! No Export assistance on arrival date on OR Tambo Int Airport anymore. Except late applications but an extra fee included.

Firearm Licenses / Proof of ownership of Rifle

Please take note … ONLY ENGLISH. The Police don’t except Firearm licenses / Proof of Ownership on Rifles in (other) language, only English. No French / Russian / Greek or any foreign language than English. Go to your nearest custom office and ask for a custom form that stipulates you authorized to handle and transport a rifle.

Please note: If your documents are not in order the SAPS will refuse to issue a permit and will lock up your firearms till the day of departure. Please make sure you have all the documents in order as well as the serial no’s. And for safety, always bring originals and copies with.

Bolt: – Domestic Rules – Please remove bolt from rifle in case of a bolt action. It can travel in your gun case with rifle but just out of firearm. Some Airlines prefer it separate.

Cancellation fee is required on Permits – If a clients application has been submitted to the Police by my office a 100% fee is payable even if client cancels or leaves his rifles behind for whatever reason.

For FedEx / DHL send

PO Box 1089
OR Tambo Int. Airport
South Africa



Produce a certified copy of an authorization letter – Visit at your leisure the Home Affairs website – – for
documents and more information on the new immigration acts and regulations.

VIP meet and assist: The VIP Service is a special service provided and begins from meeting you at the door of your Airplane upon arrival, assisting you you with luggage, through customs and all the way to the Representative of Hunters Permits Africa.


Upon reaching the glass sliding door in the arrival hall, turn right and proceed to the first big pillar on your right. The Hunters Permits Africa Representative will be waiting there for you with a namesign. From there you will be escorted to the police office to collect your rifle.

New SAPS regulations:

Firearms have to be in lockable firearm case and Ammunition needs to be in a separate lockable Ammo case. No ammunition allowed in regular  luggage on Domestic and African Flights. Ammunition case can’t be more than 5 Kg / 11 Pounds. No liquids, cameras or wiring is allowed in firearm case.


Arriving in South Africa:

  • Go through passport control
  • Go to RAPS security office opposite carousel 7 & 8 to identify and sign for release of your rifle when you fly with SAA.
  • Collect your normal luggage at the appropriate conveyer belt.
  • Proceed on the GREEN line through customs if you have nothing to declare.
  • Please exit the arrivals hall and turn right. Look out for a person holding your name sign next to a big pillar. You will be met by one of Hunters Permits Africa’s representatives.
  • Your firearm(s) and ammo will be checked in the Firearm Police Office after which allowed to continue your trip.
  •  Please note that the procedure regarding your firearm at customs depends on the airline used. The speed, in which your permit will be handled , depends upon the speed in which the rifle case is handled before arriving at the SA Police Office. Please be patient when waiting for your rifle case.
  • We recommend that there is at least 3 hours between landing and your connecting flight.
  • Before boarding your connecting flight, you will have to take your firearm to be checked by security and to be directed onto the plane.
  • You will need your firearm permit, boarding pass, and passport for this.
  • Please note: No payments should be made to security that checks your firearm onto the next flight. 

Please take note

Domestic and Africa

Attention all: It is very important to make sure that the Airline you are using for connection flights does transport firearms. At this stage ONLY SAA and  Airlink transport firearms from JHB (Johannesburg) to domestic destinations (Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Upington, Nelspruit, Hoedspruit, Polokwane etc. and other African Countries.


If you travel via Amsterdam please note that yo will need special clearance to transfer firearms through the Airport.

Emirates – Dubai

If you fly with Emirates I will need your documentation at least 6 weeks prior to departure since Emirates requires your Import Permit 10 days prior to your departures.


Firearms must arrive on the same flight as you arriving in London. If not the firearms will be confiscated at the Security / Police.

South Africa Airlines – SAA:

Date of arrival – if you fly with SAA you need to sign for your rifles before clearing customs. Accros carosell 7 and 8 at RAPS Security Office.
Your normal baggage allowance plus free 20kg sporting equipment which includes your rifle and ammunition.

South African Airlines – SAA

Date of arrival – if you fly with SAA you need to sign for your rifles before clearing customs. Across carosell 7 and 8 at RAPS Security Office.

SA Airlink

If your connection flight is a SA flight no; just make sure it’s not Airlink. If it is, you must remember they will not allow you excess on firearms and baggage. The flight numbers starts with a SA 8… if it is Express and SA 1… if it is Airlink. They have 4 numbers. So be warned; you need to pay excess if you fly via Airlink.

Please double check with airline or travel agent. Their baggage allowances are different from South African Airways.


It’s an app you can download on your phone which makes communication very easy especially to send documents. My WhatsApp number is +27 76 611 9991

Extra Payments – Handling fees

Extra payments required if you fly to Upington or Kimberley, please let me know so that I can make arrangements, so that they can accept your rifles.

Upington – Security will charge a handling fee to load your firearm and or ammunition onto the aircraft. No cost for offloading.
Kimberley – A Handling company will charge a fee to load and offload firearms and/or ammunition.

Flight Reservations

When making flight reservations please inform them that you will be travelling with firearms Especially on Domestic Transfers in South Africa since only certain Airlines transport firearms.


Restrictions in Namibia:

No more than 2 rifles per person.
Only 80 rounds of ammunition per rifle allowed.
No handguns allowed.
No automatic firearms allowed.

Arms Embargo placed by EU

Europe and Canada please note……
The situation is that all airlines flying from a port in the European Union (EU) are blocked from taking any firearms to Zimbabwe. That’s because of a firearms embargo implemented by the EU several years ago. So no in transit stay over’s. Please contact us.

Underage Applicants

Any person under the age of 21 that wishes to apply for a temporary firearm import permit has to include a motivational letter with the application proving that he/she is a capable hunter. Any additional motivational letters from 3rd parties will help with the application.

Hotel Bookings

If you are planning to stay over in a hotel, please feel free to ask my opinion as there are some Hotels located in dangerous areas close to the airport which are best to avoided. Will be gladly make a booking on your behalf in a safe zone.

Permission Application letters on certain Flights

1. Emirates Airline
2. KLM Amsterdam
3. Ethiopian Air

Please let us know which Airline you are traveling and we will send the necessary documents to you. Note that you need to ask the airline yourself for the permission. We can send you the form that you need to fill out and you need to send it to your airline that you fly with to get permission from them to take your rifle on the flight. Unfortunately we can’t do it on your behalf.


Exporting firearms from Australia:

To export firearms and related goods from Australia, you must complete three main steps: Register as a client with the Australian Border Force (ABF) using a Client Registration Form; Lodge an Export Declaration; and. Obtain either a Restricted Goods Permit (RGP) or a Defence Export Permit.

Export Firearms : Department of Defence (Australia)

European Countries

Custom declaration form – Custom declaration forms needed for all European Countries.
Get at your airport customs office checking in rifle.


If firearm application form is required for Mamibia just bring it under our attention and will send the necessary documents.


If firearm application form is required for Mamibia just bring it under our attention and will send the necessary documents.


If firearm application form is required for Mamibia just bring it under our attention and will send the necessary documents.


Waiting for information.

Application Information Document

All the information above is available in the download to the right.
Please use this as an easy reference guide

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